When to transition your toddler out of their cot

This can vary widely for most families but there are a few things to think about before you make this step for your little one.

1. Ensure there are no big changes coming up. This can include, moving house, starting day care, Mum going back to work or a new sibling on the way. If you choose to make this transition because another baby is on the way, ensure you do it early on in your pregnancy to avoid regressions when the new sibling comes home.

2.  Moving your child to a big bed is not going to solve any sleep problems you're maybe having. If you're having sleep struggles in the cot, guaranteed, moving your toddler out of the cot is only going to make these worse!

3.  Encourage your toddler to take part in the new process of setting up their bed. You can get them to choose a new sheet and blanket set, so just making this new process fun.

4.  One thing to keep in mind is the safety of your toddler. If you have a toddler that is climbing or falling out of their cot, then you may need to move them earlier than planned. Make sure there is nothing nearby that they are using to help climb the rails, try putting their sleeping bag on backwards (so they can't unzip it!). If this doesn't help and your toddler is still climbing it may be time to make this transition.

5.  Lastly the age of your toddler. My recommendation is to hold off on this new step for as long as possible. The youngest I like to see a toddler make this step would be 2.5 years old. Before this they do really struggle with the cognitive understanding surrounding the boundaries that a bed brings. When there are no longer sides to that bed, all they see is freedom. So now your once perfect sleeper will come out multiple times a night to see what you're doing, they don't understand they need to stay in their bed.

Unfortunately this is where a lot of parents fall into the trap of laying with their toddlers until they fall asleep, a big habit you will have to break at some point.

Good luck! I promise it can be a fun and stress free time in your little person's life if done at the right time.


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