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Our team of professional consultants is able to help you and your child to find the best bedtime routine. This helps them to sleep better, and in turn it allows you to have a much more peaceful evening and better night’s sleep.

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About Us

At Better Little Sleepers Ltd our baby sleep consultants are here help with getting baby to sleep through the night so that your whole home is able to enjoy improved sleep. We’re based in Reigate, Surrey, and our first-hand experience means that we’re able to identify with parents in the local area. As you’re looking at this page we expect that you’ve already spoken to many well-meaning friends and family members, trawled the internet, and read several books, only to find the advice confusing and contradictory. Every child is individual, and by gathering lots of information we’re able to offer simple, helpful advice to all. No matter what you’re facing, our meetings help to take a step in the right direction. We’re members of the British Sleep Society and Association of Birth and Baby Professionals, and we’re also DBS checked and fully insured. Call today for an excellent service.

We’re able to help you to:

 Read Your Baby’s Cues Better

  • Knowing When Your Baby is Ready for Their Sleep is a Big Step to Improving Their Overall Sleep
  • Ensure That Your Child Has an Age Appropriate Bedtime and Routine
  • Teach Your Child to Sleep Through the Night
  • Ensure Your Child Has an Age Appropriate Naptime Routine
  • Help with Early Morning Waking

Call us, in Surrey, for more information on how your baby sleep consultants help with getting your baby to sleep through the night.

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