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"We were nervous about engaging the advice of a sleep consultant despite the fact that our sleep situation at home was pretty diabolical. We were adamant we didn't want to leave our baby Olive to cry herself to sleep, particularly as her negative sleep patterns were a direct result of an undiagnosed milk allergy which had left her underweight and in awful discomfort for months.
Fortunately it was absolutely clear as soon as we started talking to Jess that she had a raft of ideas up her sleeve to help us, and none of them involved leaving Olive to cry. The process was surprisingly fast, and simple. We supplied Jess with a sleep diary, which was easy to do, along with some more information about Olive and her feeding/health and sleep circumstances. Jess called us 24 hours later with a few gentle observations and practical suggestions, mainly to do with Olive's bedtime feeding and bath routine. We started to see improvements immediately and we were all happier for it.
Jess kept in close contact asking for updates and giving positive feedback. With her encouragement we got the confidence to face some of the bigger sleep problems we had ourselves: a reliance on a now too small sleepyhead and a dummy. In one month we went from co-sleeping with our baby and waking up every 45 minutes to put her dummy back in, to her sleeping peacefully in a cot in her own room, waking to feed once or twice a night, and being put down to sleep whilst still awake.
I was surprised by the immediacy of the results we saw and couldn't recommend Jess's gentle, pragmatic and realistic approach enough, and most importantly we both felt empowered by it, and Olive didn't suffer a bit."

Cate and Rob 

"We sought the help of Jess after six months of sleepless nights leaving us shattered and to be frank, rather disillusioned with the whole concept of starting our family. They say sleep deprivation is the worst kind of torture, and it certainly felt like that for us at the time. It seemed as if all our other friend's babies slept well and at times, we not only felt very alone, but paranoia set in and we thought that there must be something wrong with either our parenting - or our baby! That all changed when we spoke to Jess.
And she immediately put us at ease and reassured us that sleep problems with babies are far more common that people might think. Jess asked a whole series of questions and came up with some immediate suggestions on how to improve our little boy's sleeping - and after she received the sleep log, came up with some other ideas and a plan of action. With some hard work from us - which did not include controlled crying thank goodness - we went from being woken up on average 13 times a night, to only 3 or 4 times a night within 10 days, and then to sleeping through the night in the weeks that followed.

I can't thank Jess enough for all that she's done for us and our little family - if it hadn't been for Better Little Sleepers, I'm not sure where we would be now. Thank you Jess - you're a star x" 


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