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I was surprised by the immediacy of the results

"We were nervous about engaging the advice of a sleep consultant despite the fact that our sleep situation at home was pretty diabolical. We were adamant we didn't want to leave our baby Olive to cry herself to sleep, particularly as her negative sleep patterns were a direct result of an undiagnosed milk allergy which had left her underweight and in awful discomfort for months. Fortunately it was absolutely clear as soon as we started talking to Jess that she had a raft of ideas up her sleeve to help us, and none of them involved leaving Olive to cry. The process was surprisingly fast, and simple. We supplied Jess with a sleep diary, which was easy to do, along with some more information about Olive and her feeding/health and sleep circumstances. Jess called us 24 hours later with a few gentle observations and practical suggestions, mainly to do with Olive's bedtime feeding and bath routine. We started to see improvements immediately and we were all happier for it. Jess kept in close contact asking for updates and giving positive feedback. With her encouragement we got the confidence to face some of the bigger sleep problems we had ourselves: a reliance on a now too small sleepyhead and a dummy. In one month we went from co-sleeping with our baby and waking up every 45 minutes to put her dummy back in, to her sleeping peacefully in a cot in her own room, waking to feed once or twice a night, and being put down to sleep whilst still awake. I was surprised by the immediacy of the results we saw and couldn't recommend Jess's gentle, pragmatic and realistic approach enough, and most importantly we both felt empowered by it, and Olive didn't suffer a bit."

Cate and Rob

She immediately put us at ease

"We sought the help of Jess after six months of sleepless nights leaving us shattered and to be frank, rather disillusioned with the whole concept of starting our family. They say sleep deprivation is the worst kind of torture, and it certainly felt like that for us at the time. It seemed as if all our other friend's babies slept well and at times, we not only felt very alone, but paranoia set in and we thought that there must be something wrong with either our parenting - or our baby! That all changed when we spoke to Jess. And she immediately put us at ease and reassured us that sleep problems with babies are far more common that people might think. Jess asked a whole series of questions and came up with some immediate suggestions on how to improve our little boy's sleeping - and after she received the sleep log, came up with some other ideas and a plan of action. With some hard work from us - which did not include controlled crying thank goodness - we went from being woken up on average 13 times a night, to only 3 or 4 times a night within 10 days, and then to sleeping through the night in the weeks that followed. I can't thank Jess enough for all that she's done for us and our little family - if it hadn't been for Better Little Sleepers, I'm not sure where we would be now. Thank you Jess - you're a star x"


Our daughter was no longer waking for night feeds! Amazing!

When we had our second child, I realised what an easy baby our first had been! Despite following the same routines and doing the same things as we had with our first (who slept through from 6 weeks!) our second was still waking for feeds at night at 7 months. I got in touch with Jess and she emailed me a sleep and food diary which we completed at home over 5 days. After emailing this back to Jess, we met up to discuss the results. Jess gave me several suggestions of things to try, all of which I felt were easily achievable and within 4 nights our daughter was no longer waking for night feeds! Amazing! If I had known it was going to be that easy I would have been in touch with her sooner! I would highly recommend Jess, she is calm and friendly and her approach is gentle, working with what you feel comfortable with.


I can not recommend Jess highly enough

"We were recommended Jess by some friends who’d had success with their babies sleep. Our baby girl although not a terrible sleeper, the sheer effort it took to get her down for each nap and bedtime was becoming brain numbing and we found ourselves becoming quite desperate about all the relentless rocking and pacing. We were also very fortunate timing wise, as during the time we started talking to Jess our little girl was going through her 4 month leap and her sleep had regressed majorly. She’d gone from sleeping through the night to waking up 2/3 times and sometimes taking hours to get back down. Jess right from the get go was majorly approachable and has that kind of reassurance where you just know everything will work out and be ok. The sleep log was very easy to fill out. I was slightly embarrassed when asked to list the sleep crutches, we use....erm....everything! But I needn’t of worried, absolutely no judgment from Jess. She’s immediately onboard and just wants to get down to the nitty gritty so she can work it though with you. Jess came back with a detailed sleep plan for us and some immediate simple changes to implement. She also came back with 3 options on how we could tackle the self soothing specifically. All gentle and would involve no crying. She talked though each option and left us to chose which one felt right. Since implementing Jess’ suggestions our little girl has gone back to sleeping 8 hours most nights and not waking. If she does wake we can settle her very quickly. We’ve also been able to start putting her down when she’s almost asleep and settle her in the cot. No more endless pacing and rocking for us! Jess has been very good at checking in and checking our progress. When I mentioned I needed to start transferring our baby to her own room, as we needed to return the beside cot. The suggestions Jess gave us over text message meant that when I did transfer her, our baby didn’t even notice. I was the one crying. What was also lovely and unexpected she cares about your sleep too. We’d been so obsessed with our babies sleep we’d not given any real thought to ourselves. Her simple suggestions massively improved our sleep, which when we were getting a few hours at a time, felt like gold dust. I can not recommend Jess highly enough, she really has helped us to teach our baby important sleep skills, all the while being a gentle and loving experience for everyone involved. Thank you!"


We no longer have to stay in the room whilst he falls asleep!

My nearly 3 year old went from sleeping well and waking at 7am, to waking at 5am and needing one of us to stay in his room until he fell asleep, which could take ages. This went on for 3 months and we kept thinking it would get better. It was awful timing as we were expecting number 2 and it was only then that we approached Jess for help, in desperation! We had a long chat with Jess over the phone and she gave us several approaches to try, including changes to our bedtime routine and ways to deal with the early waking. I was sceptical that anything would work as I thought we’d tried everything but within a few days of making some fairly minor changes, my son was already staying in his bedroom in the morning until the sun on his Gro clock came up and he even gets back into bed and sometimes goes back to sleep now. We no longer have to stay in the room whilst he falls asleep which has made such a difference to our evenings. I can’t recommend Jess enough!


Made me feel a lot less crazy and lonely

Jess's questionnaire showed from the start that she is very thorough, tailored and sensitive to individual babies, which was a relief after trying to make sense of reams of generic advice online. Our first conversation showed her also to be a very lovely and genuinely caring person, all my concerns about what I was doing went away, I could entrust all the information to her and know she'd not ignore the details in coming up with a plan. Her explanations in our initial telephone conversation were excellent. It also really made a difference in those sleep deprived days to have someone check on progress on a daily basis, quite incredible as I could barely remember what our baby had done that day and having someone as interested as me made me feel a lot less crazy and lonely trying to make it work hour by hour in a sleep deprived state. Whilst getting Jess's help I also read some baby sleep theory and the combination of the two were perfect, Jess made the theory more human, gentle and baby (& parent) orientated as well as more practical and she helped me tweak what we were doing on a daily basis which definitely made the changes quicker to take effect. Jess's explanations of the reasons behind her advice also helped get family members on board with our routine. I thought of sleep training as an investment for my son but in the end, the experience of working with Jess, along with her advice for adults, helped a number of older family members too.


Jessica has been fantastic..

Jessica has been fantastic in teaching and equipping us with the tools needed to get our baby boy to self settle. She has provided constant and ongoing support which has been invaluable (above and beyond) We can’t thank her enough. She also helped us identify an underlying medical issue with our son. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Better Little Sleepers.


Thank goodness for Jess

Thank goodness for Jess. We contacted Jess when our son was just over a year old in desperation. He was feeding to sleep and waking up 4-5 times a night to feed. We were exhausted. After a discussion with Jess and ruling out hunger and noise disturbance, we put a plan in place to stop feeding to sleep and comfort feeding at night and improving day time naps. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy... Jess was great though. She gave advice throughout the day and evening supporting us when I was buckling. We saw huge improvements including my husband being able to put him in his cot awake and him falling asleep after 10 mins. We also weaned him off his night feeds in a week. Sadly when he started nursery he became very unsettled and his sleep both in the day and night were disturbed again. Fortunately Jess was on hand to get us back on track. Although we are still working on improving day time naps - which as you will learn are key to a good nights sleep! We are already reaping the sleep rewards at night. Jess has given us the tools and advice which we will use to keep on helping our son get the sleep he and we need!


We would definitely recommend Jessica

Jessica was really great! She spent time to really talk through our routines, food, and issues and made sure she fully understand the situation. Her detailed plan was really helpful for us clearly outlining steps to take and identifying even slightly smaller changes like where my daughter put on her PJs and it made all the difference. We went on a long haul holiday just after seeing her so some aspects were on hold for a while, but it was so reassuring there wasn't a ticking clock of time where we could WhatsApp her with any questions like most other sleep consultants. We would definitely recommend Jessica and thank her again!!


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